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Jeni Hansen Gard is the daughter of a nurse and bed and breakfast owner. Her childhood was spent cleaning, making beds, and playing on the shore of Lake Michigan. She is now considered a professional bed-maker but has always much preferred to spend her days outside doing cartwheels in the sand. Jeni studied art education from 2003-2007 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics at Hope College, in Holland, Michigan. Following graduation she taught high school art at Holland Christian High School. In 2012, Jeni graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Arts in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics. She is currently pursuing her second master’s degree as a student in the Master of Fine Arts Ceramics program at Ohio State University, where she is pursuing her research interest in ethnobotany and exploring the ceramic vessel as a form of social art practice. Jeni is married to artist Forrest Gard who completed his MFA degree in Ceramics at Louisiana State University in 2014.


Forrest Sincoff Gard is native to Athens, Ohio. He received his BFA in Ceramics from Ohio University in 2009 and went on to complete a short-term artist residency at Red Lodge Clay Center. Continuing his studies he attended the University of Florida as a post-baccalaureate student where he met his wife Jeni in 2010. He recently completed his MFA in Ceramics at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. A long time northerner Forrest has enjoyed his time in the south and fallen in love with all things Louisiana, especially crawfish.



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